NewGen Global Solutions employee training is a program that helps receive specific knowledge or skills to enhance performance in their job positions. It is focused more on employee growth and addresses a future role, rather than a current one. Employee training provides with the skills and knowledge that let them do their work even better. We provide different types of employee training on – SAP (All modules), SalesForce, Testing (Manual Or Automation Tools), Java, Python, .Net, DevOps, or as per choice.

Instructor-led training

This is an instructional method where learning material is taught in person to a group of students. It can occur either in an actual classroom where employees get together in one place to listen to a lecture and discuss new information, or in a virtual classroom environment, in which case learners communicate and interact with each other and an instructor online, mostly through video conferencing.

Mentoring / Coaching

This is a guided learning approach. An employee is supervised by a mentor who has a specific area of expertise and shares their knowledge and experience to help a trainee progress in their career. However, mentoring and coaching are not the same. While coaching is functional and directed at skills and knowledge acquisition, mentoring is transformational and more of a developmental activity. 


eLearning is training through a computer or any digital device. Watching